Friday, October 28, 2011

Sign up now for Nov. buck collection, AI class in Kansas

November 26th - Buck Collection & November 27th AI Clinic
Cam Faircloth (Mega Bucks) from Monroe, GA will be here to collect bucks and conduct an Artificial Insemination clinic for us the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We will be collecting bucks on Friday, November 26th.  Cam will conduct the AI Clinic on Saturday November 27th.  We could squeeze in another 3 or 4 bucks if you haven't already signed up.  We also still have room for a few more in the AI Clinic.   All goat breeds and breeders are welcome.  
Collection price is $5/straw for the first 30 straws (30 straws minimum order).  Any straws above 30 are $3 ea.  If the buck doesn't collect or the semen doesn't make it through the freeze you don't pay anything.  NOTE:  If you are collecting your buck(s) I need for you to e-mail me his Full Name, Registration Number, Tattoos and the number of straws you would like to order.  This allows Cam to pre-print the straws so he can work more bucks while he is here.  I need this information by October 31st but sooner would be appreciated.  Remember there is a 30 straw minimum order.  
AI clinic is $150 per person or $250 for couples.  I need to know if you plan to attend in order to ensure we have room and I make enough food for lunch!! :-) I plan to have does in heat to use for the AI clinic.  However, If you have a doe that you would like to bring let me know and I will help you syncronize her to be in heat on that day.  We will have to plan it at least 2 weeks prior to the clinic.  If you would like to AI your own doe during the clinic we can help you do so.  If you would like for Cam or I do do it for you there is a $50 fee.  If you do not have your own semen to use contact me and I will try to help you find some.     
Bill, Barbara, Cheyenne & Dakota Hittle
Hittle Acres Dairy and Boer Goats
Mayetta, KS 66509

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