Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Savanna field day Saturday in Harper, Texas

A Savanna Goat Field Day and Auction will be held Saturday, Sept. 29, at Elgin Pape's 3 D Ranch in Harper, Texas. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. with coffee and pastries. A $10 lunch fee will be charged.

The day will feature educational seminars, carcass comparisons of Spanish and Savanna/Spanish slaughter kids and an update on the Savanna industry. The auction will begin at 3:50 p.m.

Guest speakers will include:
     • Dr. Frank Pinkerton, Extension Specialist, retired.
     • Dr. Ken McMillin, Meat Scientist, LSU.
     • Dr. Kurt Braden, Meat Scientist, ASU.
     • Dr. Greg Engdahl, Chairman, An. Sci., ASU.
     • Brian Payne, North American Savannah Association.
Consignments and consignors include:
     1) Savannah crossbred bucks, (20) various ages, Elgin Pape.
     2) Savannah crossbred nannies, (20) various ages, Brian Payne.                     
     3) 1/4 Sav x 3/4 Span nanny kids (15-20), Scotty Ligon.
     4) F-1 Sav/Span nanny kids (15), Charlie Wilson.
     5) F-1 Sav/Span buck kids (15, performance-tested), Grady Fort.      
     6) Span buck kids (15-20) Douglas Pape.
     7) Spanish nanny kids (25-30), Denise Pape.
Pre-registrations are very welcome, but not required; call 830-864-4517 or e-mail dobid@windstream.net. The Pape ranch is located on SH 783 south 3 miles.

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