Monday, January 7, 2013

International Boer Goat Association folds; registry now resides with ABGA

Open Letter from former International BGA president Michael Wood:

Dear International Boer Goat Association Members,

With regret and sadness the end of an era is at hand. Effective December 31, 2012 the International Boer Goat Association ceased operation as a breed registry. There has been continuous and exhaustive efforts to maintain operations for many months. The reality of economic times and changes within our industry have collectively caused these efforts to become futile.  As with any home or farm operation when you continue to spend more than you generate you can only live off of reserves for so long.  The Association has operated with 1.5 employees for a year and executed every cut possible to maintain operations.

Your loyalty as a member was so appreciated. In the last year we maintained an actual membership of around 700 (including lifetime, individual, ranch and junior) Contrary to the belief of some; the National Show for 2011 & 2012 was at no cost to the Association and actually netted the association profit to survive on until now.  We were a breed registry and as such have to sell pedigree tracking on Registration Papers to stay in business.  With all things considered each green paper produced cost more to print than we took in money for at the current rate of registrations.

I know that there has been much discussion and miss-information circulating on this subject.  I am sorry that we could not make this decision public in a more timely way.  However, we were focused on the most important thing for our members; protection of the registration integrity, value and marketability. Many of you own dual registered animals that might not be dealt a devastating blow.  Our concern was mainly focused upon those members that chose to be 100% loyal International Boer Goat Association members and only own “green papers” on some or all of your animals.  In this particular circumstance I believe it is has proven just as difficult to close something as it is to start it. 

In regard to the above mentioned goal: in an effort to continue to provide the opportunity for registration, our database now resides with the ABGA. Those members wishing to become members of the ABGA every effort will be made to transfer their goats to the ABGA. Currently, a Registration / Transfer process plan is being drafted within the ABGA. Visit the ABGA website over the coming weeks for further information.

 A few parting “house cleaning” items:
-       The American Boer Goat Association has been working with us to provide transition opportunity of a new home to our members and animals.
-       Our registry was not sold to the ABGA but “gifted” as legal situations required.
-       All outstanding leases and bills of the Association have been or in the process of being satisfied.
-       The International Boer Goat Association is not filing bankruptcy.
-       We have a $70,000 outstanding balance on the property in Whitewright, TX that was paid quarterly at an amount of $3300 (this was one of the major sources of us “living above our means”)
-       The property has been for sale for over a year in the effort to relieve the debt and move the operations to a small, affordable location.
-       The property was recently reduced to $85,000 and remains for sale (office sits on approx 3 acres)
-       International Office and ABGA office have had a long standing cooperation in the research and registering animals. It was unfortunate for both associations when the decision was made to not accept International Papers – It was not directed at us, we were a legal causality of an unrelated situation.
-       All efforts will be made to honor existing Ennoblements. Unfortunately any ennoblement points earned but not resulting in previous ennoblement will fall under the ABGA ennoblement requirements currently in place.
-       The ABGA will welcome any of our longstanding shows pending approval – show contracts may be found at but will require a ABGA certified judge.
-       Our dedicated and talented judges are wanted in the ABGA. However, currently there is no agreement to accept International Judges on their experience or previous certification.  Discussions are ongoing on how and when there might be  opportunity for you to become ABGA certified.
-       Tonia Dawson and Amy Rackler continue to assist with the closure of the Whitewright office and have displayed loyalty and willingness to assist.  They both have plans for future employment.
-       There is likely to be backlog of transfers to ABGA as they do things differently.  Please be patient as they have to have our data operational to accurately transfer animals and generate new registration papers. Our systems are completely different.
-       Possible Confusion: The International Boer Goat Association has not in many years had the legal rights to the letters “IBGA”  IF: you receive any information about a animal registry in the future that uses these letters, IT WILL NOT BE in reference to “Green Papered” Animals  - WARNING _- DO NOT BE FOOLED
-       The Name: International Boer Goat Association will be protected by the American Boer Goat Association and as such will not be used by any other breed registry in the future.
-       Any member that may have paid their 2013 membership dues in the month of December will be contacted individually and either refunded their membership dues or have them forwarded to the ABGA at their choice.
-       There is no contact option for the International Boer Goat Association Office as it is officially closed.
-       If you choose to transfer your “green papers” for “red papers” in order to show in the 2013 season, I would suggest to get your paperwork in order very soon and be prepared to be very patient as this will be a very trying time on the ABGA office staff.
-       No personal information is being shared with ABGA – only Animal Registration Information – All other information will be destroyed.
Personal Note:
I certainly wish things could have been different.  I have never been “against” ABGA I have simply been “For” the International Association and the Family atmosphere that many of us worked to foster.  I have worked with and met many wonderful, compassionate and giving people over the last several years.  I personally plan to pay my ABGA membership and eventually get all my “green papers” traded in for “red papers”.  The same people that have worked so hard keeping the International functional over the last few years will now have the opportunity to lend their efforts and expertise to the ABGA by continuing to sponsor goat shows and youth events and becoming judges. We have tried diligently to be more than just a place to purchase a “green paper”.  I will certainly miss the “green” tradition.  So many have given of their time, efforts and finances to the International Boer Goat Association.  Your influence was great and your intensions were the best.  Thank You from the depth of my heart, hope to see you down a new successful road soon.
You may still use me as a contact for “problems” as they may arise but please direct all registration questions to the ABGA office if you choose to transfer animals there.

Thanks so much!

Michael Wood
Former President/CEO
International Boer Goat Association

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