Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Proceeds from goat calendar sales go to World Vision

Once again Greg Christiansen, a farmer and goat rancher from Parker, Kan., is making his goat calendars available and all profits will go to send goats to children and families in need around the world through World Vision. Those that receive goats will also be provided feed, vaccinations and be instructed on how to care for the animals.  Proceeds from calendar sales last year purchased eight goats through the World Vision program.
Read what a young girl had to say about the goats she received. Teopista, an AIDS orphan and World Vision-sponsored child in Uganda, is proud of her first gift ever — two donated goats that will help provide her with a brighter future. “I was very happy when I got the goats,” says the 10-year-old. “They will be of use to us. We will get money from them. I thank World Vision for thinking about me, too.”
Her aunt Restetuta feels the same way. “When the goats give birth again, we will sell off some of the younger [goats],” says Restetuta. “We will use the money to buy Teopista a school uniform, books and beddings. We can also buy food with some of the money. I thank World Vision so much for all the help they have given us ... we know that those goats will be of benefit to us in the future.”

The calendars cost $15 and can be purchased at www.grandviewlivestock.com or contact Greg at gachristiansen@midwest-connections.com. You can learn more about the World Vision goat program at http://donate.worldvision.org.

Greg Christiansen is the author of the popular "Raising Meat Goats in a Commercial Operation".  Greg called upon his 12 years of experience raising and marketing meat goats to create this book designed for commercial breeders who are interested in raising stock for the consumer market. Greg lets the reader profit from his experiences — good and bad — along the learning curve to becoming a successful producer. For ordering information, visit http://goatrancher.com/store.php.

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