Thursday, August 7, 2014

SW Mo. Sheep & Goat Grazing/Browsing Academy Sept. 12-13

The Southwest Missouri Sheep and Goat Grazing/Browsing Academy will be held Friday and Saturday, Sept. 12-13, in the Williams Building, Crowder College Agriculture Department in Neosho, Mo.

The cost for the workshop is $45 per person and includes two meals, manual of browsing/grazing materials, FAMACHA card and numerous educational handouts. Call if you want less materials and less registration fees. Preregistration with payment is required.

For more information, contact: Vonna Kesel at 573-681-5312 or e-mail or Jodie Pennington at 417-455-9500 or e-mail PenningtonJ@LincolnU.eduTo register, contact Vonna Kesel at 573-681-5312 or e-mail


Friday, Sept. 12
2:00-2:15 pm      Introduction—Jodie Pennington, Lincoln University, Neosho, MO;  Jay Wilkins, Head, Crowder College Agriculture Department.
2:15-3:00 pm      Fencing and Waterers (in field)—NRCS display; comments from all attendees.                
3-4 pm  Calculate Available Forage and Allocate Goats to Lots (in field)—Steve Hart, Langston University, Langston, OK, and Todd Higgins, Lincoln University.
4-4:30 pm          Soil Fertility—Todd Higgins, Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO.
4:30-5:15           Management Intensive Grazing—Steve Hart and Todd Higgins.
5:15      Comments—Charlotte Clifford-Rathert, Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO; Discussion/Questions/Break.
6 pm     Dinner (provided by Crowder College Ag Department).
6:45      Panel Discussion of sheep and goats on browse and pasture (John Hobbs, UME-McDonald CO-- poisonous weeds; planning animals movements, economics, do’s and don’t’s, New Zealand dairy farmer)  -Kevin and Toni Beatty, Carl Junction, MO; Marie Iiams, Jenkins, MO; Ronnie Gardisser, Coclord, OK; Glen Cope, Aurora, MO; Steve Hart, Langston, OK; Dean Troyer, Mt. Vernon, MO; Nick Ventor, Bentonville, AR; Ted Thoreson, El Dorado Springs, MO;  Jay Wilkins;  Others).
8:00      Adjourn.

Saturday, Sept. 13
8:30 am Review (in field—optional for those attending on Friday)-Jodie Pennington.
9 am     Brush Nutrition and Supplementation--Steve Hart.
9:45      Break.
10 am    Browsing Plan and Monitoring (in field)--Steve Hart, Todd Higgins; Evaluate Progress in Paddock (Activity).     
11:30 am           Health Management--Charlotte Clifford-Rathert).
12:00 Lunch (provided by Crowder College Ag Department).
12:45 pm           Livestock Guardian Animals: Jodie Pennington; Panel discussion—Others.
1:20 pm Business Planning/Contract Grazing--Wesley Tucker, UME—Polk CO.      
2:00-3:30pm       FAMACHA, BCS and Fecal Egg Count Training (Hands on Activity)-Charlotte Rathert.
3:30-4:00pm       Discussion of Activities/Questions/Evaluations.
4:00pm  Adjourn.

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