Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Small Ruminant Profit School planned in Kentucky

           Sheep and goats are booming in Kentucky! To help producers get off on the right foot, the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office is offering the Small Ruminant Profit School. SRPS is a four-class course that will give producers knowledge on a wide range of topics that are vital to the success of all goat and sheep operations.
            Why is SRPS for You?
            • Designed for Beginner Farmers — (5 years or less) in goats and sheep. Of course all producers are invited to take part in the classes.
            • SRPS will help you learn the basics and how to properly implement sound management practices into your operation.
            • Producers who have been in the business for three years or less will have a personal mentor to help answer questions and give advice.
            • SPRS participants will have a two year, free membership to the Goat Herd Improvement Program (and this is good for sheep too).
            • Participants will receive a wide variety of resource materials including a notebook, publications, subscription to HoofPrint Magazine, the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Management Calendar and much more.
            • SRPS graduates can apply for the New Beginning Farmer Loan offered by the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Council.
Class topics will include:
            • Nutrition (available at the December 10 class at the KSU Research Farm).
            • Genetics & Selection.
            • Market Trends & Niche Marketing.
            • Fencing, Shelters and Equipment.
           • Parasite Management (FAMACHA Training offered at the Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio (KIO) Tri-State Small Ruminant Summit).
          • Foot Care and Hoof Trimming Workshop (available at the December 10 class at the KSU Research Farm).
            • Health Management (will be taught at the KIO Tri-State Small Ruminant Summit).
            • Record Keeping.
            • Breeds of Goats & Sheep (including pros & cons for the most popular breeds in Kentucky).
            • Reproduction.
            • Development of Annual Production Systems.
            • Record Keeping.
         • Hands-on Body Condition Scoring Workshop — (available at the December 10, class at the KSU Research Farm).
SRPS is five classes over six months — (you will attend the September, January and March classes in the same location).
• Lyon County Extension Office.
• Grayson — County Extension Office.
• Barren — County Extension Office.
• Clark — County Extension Office.
• Boyle — County Extension Office.
• Trimble — County Extension Office.
• September 10.
• October 1.
• December 10.
• January 7.
• March 11.
• Current KGPA & KSWPA Member Fee $100.
• Non-Member Fee $130 —
Registration Deadline: September 1. Participants can register at either or by calling 502-682-7780.
For more questions regarding SRPS, contact Kelley Yates at 502-682-7780 or

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