Thursday, November 16, 2017

Small Ruminant Profit School available online

The Small Ruminant Profit School is a very good program for any producer.  Please look at the information below and if you are interested, follow the link in the message to sign up.
No longer will you have to worry about scheduling 6 all-day classes on your calendar and worry about driving long distances to take this course. You can now take it at home, at your own pace and in the order that best fits your needs. How great to be able to watch Newborn Care as you are going through your lambing/kidding season or Foot Rot/Hoof Trimming when you have an animal that is lame!

SRPS consists of 15 modules- 13 online videos and 2 face-to-face classes. Wait! Thought you said this was an online course! Because topics like nutrition, body condition scoring, hoof trimming, vaccinating and FAMACHA scoring are not topics conducive to an online platform, we will still be offering these classes in person. Here is a list of the modules taught in the course:

  Module 1: Welcome to SRPS
  Module 2: Industry Overview
  Module 3: Breeds of Goats & Sheep (including pros & cons for the most popular breeds in Kentucky)
  Module 4: Market Trends & Niche Marketing
  Module 5: Facilities and Fencing
  Module 6: Guardian Animals
  Module 7: Health Management
  Module 8: Foot Care and Hoof Trimming (accompanied by an on-site workshop at the KSU Benson Research Farm and/or UK C. Oran Little Sheep Research Unit)
  Module 9: Nutrition (on-site class at the KSU Research Farm) 
  Module 10: Quality Assurance
  Module 11: Parasite Management
  Module 12: Reproduction, Genetics & Selection, Birthing Difficulties, and Care of Newborns
  Module 13: Record Keeping
  Module 14: Mating Systems
  Module 15: Annual Production Plans
   FAMACHA Training 
  Hands-on Body Condition Scoring Workshop 
  Numerous additional resources on rotational grazing, pasture management, handling, and much more! 

SRPS will be offered in two packages:

Online Only- With the Online Only Package, you will have access to all the video modules, as well as downloadable files of the presentations and SRPS notebook materials. Feel free to download/print the materials you need.
There are two prices- $75 for current KGPA and KSWPA members; $105 for non-members. (Registration fee includes the two face-to-face classes)

Online & Print- With the Online & Print Package, you will have access to all the video modules, downloadable files and receive a complete SRPS notebook via mail. Notebook will come complete with 3 ring binder, tabs and over 400 pages of materials. There are two prices- $95 for current KGPA and KSWPA members; $125 for non-members.

To register for the course, go here!

Once you register, you have access to the materials for 12 months.

Why is SRPS for You?
  Designed for Beginning Farmers (5 years or less) in goats and sheep. Of course all producers are invited to take part in the classes!
  SRPS will help you learn the basics and how to properly implement sound management practices into your operation.
  SPRS participants will have a two year, FREE membership to the Goat Herd Improvement Program (GHIP) (and this is good for sheep too!).
  Participants will receive a wide variety of resource materials including printable and handouts, links to University publications, subscription to HoofPrint Magazine, the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Management Calendar and much more!
  SRPS graduates can apply for the New Beginning Farmer Loan offered by the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Council. (Graduates are those that complete evaluations for all 15 modules and have attended the two on-site classes.)

Kelley Yates
Executive Director
Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office
PO Box 4709
Frankfort, KY 40604

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