Friday, September 7, 2018

Help needed to keep Ky. goat grading system


In 2019, the KY Graded Sale system is going to incur changes. The current Kentucky Department of Agriculture Small Ruminant Marketing Specialist, Tess Caudill is retiring. This means we have to convince the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to refill that position. To do so, we need producers to provide their input!

Providing your input on the importance of the KY Graded Sale system is very easy!

Simply complete the 9 question survey at the link below.

If you are unfamiliar with the KY Graded Sale system, it was started in 2002 by Tess Caudill as an effort to give small ruminant producers a stable and viable marketing outlet. The graded sales essentially allow buyers to purchase large groups of sheep and goats that are similar in size and weight. The buyers pay more per pound because they are getting uniform lots of animals.

By creating an environment of higher prices, Kentucky producers do not have to,
  • settle for low prices,
  • haul their livestock hundreds of miles to a market,
  • coordinate the trucking of their livestock to others markets, or
  • create individual relationships with specific buyers in order to sell their animals. 

The survey will be available until September 14th! 

Please help us keep the KY Graded Sale System!

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