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NGE to host Nigerian Dwarf Goat national show

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NDGA 2012 National Show Set For October 7th in...
Jennifer Parrish9:29pm Nov 22
NDGA 2012 National Show Set For October 7th in Des Moines, Iowa

NDGA Board of Directors announced that the 2012 National show will be held at the National Goat Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. NDGA board member Ann Alecock stated, “I am thrilled that NDGA’s National show will be held during the NGE. What a great opportunity to introduce the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association and the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat to goat enthusiasts from around the country.”

In addition to having the National show at the Expo, the Emilee Hamman Memorial Show and the National Goat Expo Nigerian Dwarf show will also be held the following day. The National show will kick off the National Goat Expo’s 5 day event on Sunday, Oct 7th 2012 followed by the Emilee Hamman and NGE show on Monday, Oct 8th.
The NGE is a 5 day event being held at the Iowa State Fair Grounds in Des Moines, Iowa from Oct 7th-Oct 11th. The Expo will have everything goat related. Most breeds of goats will be having shows or showcasing a breed. Dairy goats, meat goats and fiber goats will be there and of course NDGA will be there too. Visit 
www.nationalgoatexpo.org to learn more about the exciting events, seminars, and shows being held.

NDGA became a Silver Sponsor for the NGE last winter with the intent of showcasing the association and the Nigerian Dwarf breed to other goat breeders. The BOD will be at the Expo putting on seminars, answering questions and meeting members. Board member, registrar, judge and newest Evaluator Dotty Clark will also be there to perform evaluations for members. If you haven’t participated in an evaluation of your animals the Expo will be a perfect opportunity to use this valuable tool to assess your herd.

Look for more exciting news on the newest updates for NDGA by visiting 
www.NDGA.org The Board of Directors have been busy implementing many new programs and services for its members.

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