Thursday, November 10, 2011

Parasite management videos available

From Ohio State University Extension

Do you have questions about parasite control in your flock?  Did you miss the parasite management program titled “Small Ruminant Pastures, Parasites, and Profits: Putting it all together”, that was held this past August?  Did it interest you but the dates or times just not work?  Would you be willing to watch a recording of each session?
If you answered yes to these questions then you are in luck. Each session was recorded and is now available to view at your leisure.  You still need an internet connection and any video media program that can play flash files.
The three sessions and the links to each recording are:
Basic Parasite Biology and Control Concepts
Topics covered in this session include:
life cycle description focusing on H. contortus
why/how dewormer resistance develops
concept of refugia and selective treatment; the FAMACHA System
complementary strategies:
plants with antiparasitic properties
use of “clean” pastures
dry lot rearing of lambs
Presenter – Dr. Bill Shulaw
Parasite Management: Lessons Learned and Farmer Applications
Topics covered in this session include:
use of annuals or alfalfa for lambs or lambs and ewes in spring
strip grazing with a back fence
chicory and BMR use
selective deworming of thin, triplet-bearing, and twin-bearing ewes to reduce pasture contamination
Presenters – Curt Cline & Rory Lewandowski
Management Tools and Techniques
Topics covered in this session include:
Using the FAMACHA system (when to start, frequency, using in large flocks, using as an animal selection tool, keeping records)
What do fecal egg counts tell us?
How to detect dewormer resistance
Worm egg count reduction testing
DrenchRite Assay
Presenter – Dr. Bill Shulaw
Small Ruminant Pastures, Parasites, and Profits: Putting it all together is sponsored by OSU Extension, North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, Ohio Sheep Improvement Association, and Ohio Heartland Sheep Association.

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