Monday, June 18, 2012

Random photos from the ABGA National Show

If one wants to see the very best that the Boer goat industry has to offer, they must attend at least one ABGA National Show. This year's event, held June 11-16 in Duncan, Okla., drew hundreds of exhibitors and visitors. The competition of showing goats is just one aspect of this national gathering. There is much visiting, joking, eating, goat trading and — especially — making new friends. I have been covering the ABGA National Show since 1996 and I don't remember seeing  as many new faces as I did this year. But I was surprised that none of the "Old Guard" was there. We missed seeing the likes of Don Smith, Norman Kohls, Powell-Holman, Lynn Farmer and others. But there was no lack of exhibitors and viewers (or excitement). The barn was full of goats and over-flowing into a neighboring building. 

The quality and the size of the goats gets better each year.

Many exhibitors decorate their pen areas. It got my attention.

Kay Garrett (left) and Stacey Stoneman helped man the
Goat Rancher table on Vendor's Row. Many thanks to
both of them. They were there at all hours and were able
to answer visitors' questions quickly and professionally.

I love it when they turn the goats loose in the big ring for a better look. 
The goats have a ball running around, too, trying to elude
the ringmen and their hooks.

Shana May and friends react when her buck was named
Senior Grand Champion Buck. Check My Swag went on to
win the national title.

These guys were camped out at's booth.

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