Thursday, February 9, 2012

More details on Brian Payne's hay feeder

Schematic of Brian Payne's hay feeder made from rebar.

Panels used for
fence-line feeder.
In the February Goat Rancher we published an article about Canadian goat producer Brian Payne's hay feeder design. Because of space limitations, we were not able to print Brian's schematic, which shows the dimensions for rebar panels used in the construction of the feeders.

Brian and Goat Rancher have received several requests for more information on building the feeders, so here is the schematic and some extra notes from Brian:

"My illustration shows 7 1/2 inch centers on the slanted bars with the panel dimensions being 58 inches wide by 45 inches high. The addition of 3/4" or 1" pipe adds some extra length so that 5 panels will do a large round bale and 6 panels will do a large square bale."

"Older nannies and bucks with longer horns can be a problem. Our solution is to make the same panel with 9-inch center-to-center spacings on the slanted rebar. Even one panel with the wider spacings in a feeder will allow the mature animals and bucks to eat. For doelings we reduce the center-to-center distance to 5 inches. Younger animals and shorter necks will require some bale management. As the group eats into the bale we reduce the feeder from 5 panels to 4 and then to 3."

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