Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Polyface Farm field day July 19 in Virginia

Time is running out. Register by June 25th for big savings!

You might have heard Joel Salatin speak, read of his farming practices in magazines or in The Omnivore's Dilemma, or seen Polyface Farm featured in the film Food, Inc. or a video, but there's nothing like a visit to the farm. On July 19 in Swope, Va., witness firsthand the layered farming operations, the intricate dance in the pastures, the simple elegance which is the backbone of the highly productive and profitable family farm.

Joel SalatinNot merely a farm tour, it's a complete open house with Joel, Daniel, family, staff and interns explaining and demonstrating everything about the Polyface system in production-level detail so that you can return home and immediately improve your farm. Visit with two dozen Polyface suppliers in the on-farm trade show. Taste farm-grown Polyface food at the giant barbecue. And take part in the many demos and the Q&A session with Joel.

Register by June 25 for earlybird savings. Adults, $100 / Ages 15-20, $60 / Under 15, free After June 25: Adults, $150 / Ages 15-20, $90 / Under 15, free All food is grown to order.  Registrations after July 10th on a space-available basis only.

Downloadable brochure (PDF) and complete details at

Attendees: Save 20% on all Joel Salatin books.Details and listing of Joel Salatin books online.

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