Monday, September 28, 2015

Savannas, Spanish, others to be featured in Goat Rancher

The meat goat industry is one of the fastest growing segments of livestock production in the United States. The rise in popularity and demand for goat meat is the primary reason for the industry’s rapid growth. Goat producers around the country are utilizing a variety of meat goat breeds to develop their herds and meet this growing demand. Many of us are familiar with some of the most popular breeds like Boer goats from South Africa and Kiko goats from New Zealand, but what about many of the lesser known breeds?

The November issue of Goat Rancher will look at some of these breeds, the contributions they are making to the meat goat industry, and the people who produce them. If you are a breeder of Savannas, Spanish, Myotonics, Pygmies, Genemasters, TexMasters or any other unique purebred or crossbred meat goats, this special issue is just for you.

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