Friday, December 14, 2018

VetLink Mobile App at Prairie View A&M:

VetLink Mobile App at Prairie View A&M: Agricultural Technology Breaking Through Barriers. Photo of goat . Getty Images. NIFA Fresh From the FIeld.

Agricultural Technology Breaking Through Barriers

Many livestock farmers, including goat producers, are located in remote or mountainous areas, and veterinarians are not nearby when livestock become ill. Goats are notorious explorers and climbers and are known for occasionally escaping from their farms and getting lost or injured.
Issues like these led to VetLink, a mobile goat application developed by Dr. Paul Johnson, a research scientist in Prairie View A&M University’s Cooperative Agricultural Research Center (CARC).
Johnson is leading a collaborative project that leverages current technology and advances it toward solutions that address Project 2050 challenges – the goal of increasing food and feed production in order to feed the world’s growing population. Johnson has developed a database of animal management issues and an interactive blog that helps small ruminant producers preserve a sustainable food source that supports themselves and the greater community.
NIFA supports the research through the 1890 Capacity Building Grants Program.
Read more about VetLink at PVAMU’s website.

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