Thursday, January 5, 2012

Agribition planned Feb. 3 in Alabama

February 3 is the date to mark on your calendar.  The events for this year are much the same as in past years.  We are always trying to improve the show and have events for everyone without limitations.  This show is for all youth up to 18 or one year out of high school.  Goats entered in the open show must be registered in the ABGA, IBGA, USBGA or the Canadian Boer Goat Associations but not in the child’s name.  They must be properly tattooed and have papers or applied for papers if they are under 3 months of age.   Entry fees for all classes are $10.  This year’s judge is Julie Brown from Tampa, Fla.  She is an ABGA-certified judge.  Meat goats (wethers and commercial does with baby teeth) will be shown by weight.  The class break downs are under 35 lbs. prospect class; light, medium and heavy weight wethers or commercial does that still have their baby teeth.   That would make most older commercial does that have lost their teeth competing together.  You may choose how you want to show your commercial young does.
The tentative schedule is as follows:  Registration and weigh in is between 11:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M.   The Dairy goat show will begin at 2:30 followed by  Meat Goats and Commercial Does.  Showmanship, goat parade, dinner, % does, FB does and  Bucks will follow.   Please contact Lee Anne Hall at 205 965 1360 for more information on the Dairy Goat Show and entry form.  Exhibits: displays, scrapbooks and photos must be in place by 4:00 P.M. Bring your own table, covering and display board.  Please contact me if you are interested in a Public Speaking contest. 
The Photo Contest was a great success last year, therefore we will continue it this year. There will be three categories you may choose from.  You may entry one photograph in each of the categories or only one category, your choice. The categories are Goats on the Farm, Goats in the Landscape, and Goats with People.  The photos should be made by the youth exhibitor.  They can be of any size up to 8 X 10, color or black and white.  Either frame your photos or attach them to a mat so they can be exhibited.  Your name, age and category needs to be listed on the back of the photos.
Displays will be judged  as up to 8,  9-14 and 15-19 years of age.   Possible exhibit guidelines are herd advertisement, suitable for promotion of your own herd.  Highlight the positive points for showing and raising goats.  This could include but is not limited to promotion of a certain breed, meat productions or products, qualities that make a show goat, winnings and awards and for the love of the goat. You will be asked questions by the judge so be available at judging time.
Scrapbook contest age groups are Junior up to 10 years of age and Senior 11-19 years of age. This could also include a middle group.  It is according to how many entries we get.   Guidelines are 1. Begin with a Cover.  2.  Title page followed by a contents page.  Subsequent pages should be numbered.  3.  Cover the activities, shows, displays, work sessions, newsletters, media related articles, honors won through work with goats.  Include photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, programs from special events, or other official documents.  4. Be neat and organized!  Have no loose pieces, caption all photos and type or write neatly.  Parents are allowed to help provided there is evidence the child has done the work too. 
We aren’t yet sure how much money will be available for premiums.  Our funds have been cut drastically due to the poor economy. 
Sponsorship for classes is $50.00; however, any amount of money or raffle items are welcome and appreciated.  Anyone who donates money or raffle items will have their names or farm name on a banner.  Please specify which you prefer to be put on the banner.
Write and bring a brief description  of your and your goat’s costume.  Name, age and where you are from.  Make it interesting.  Age divisions for the parade and showmanship are 0-5,  6-8, 9-11, 12-15 and 16-19.
If you have your own pens they are welcome and needed.
Hope to see you in Autaugaville on February 3, 2012.
Sam and Mary Lou Abney  (334 365 5146 Home)  and Day of Show (334 399 6957 Sam’s cell phone ( 334 312 5713 Mary Lou’s Cell Phone).

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