Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Raging goats holds woman captive


Police respond to call of one randy animal head-butting door

Debra Giuliani holds her two dogs, Ardy (left) and Lisette, outside her Abbotsford home Tuesday.

Debra Giuliani holds her two dogs, Ardy (left) and Lisette, outside her Abbotsford home Tuesday.

Photograph by: Gerry Kahrmann - PNG, The Province

Call him a bully goat.
An Abbotsford woman was held hostage in her home by her neighbour's randy goat.
Debra Giuliani was heading out to run some errands with her dogs on Monday when she was confronted with the non-neutered billy goat outside her home in the 4500-block Lefeuvre Road.
Giuliani, 45, ran back inside and her two pooches scrambled to safety.
"I tried to shoo the goat away with the snow shovel but it just made it really mad," said Giuliani.
"He came up the stairs and was jumping all over the barbecue and head-butting the door trying to get in."
Giuliani lobbed a couple of empty Corona beer bottles at the marauding goat to scare it away, without much success.
She called animal control, but they were closed for the day, so she called police with the plea: "I'm being held hostage in my house by my neighbour's goat.'"
Abbotsford police Const. Ian MacDonald said two officers responded to the call - a senior officer with 30 years of experience and a junior officer who has only been on the job for four years.
"You can guess who dealt with the goat," deadpanned MacDonald.
The junior officer, who had "less than zero" experience with goats or livestock, picked up a stick and tried to prod the goat from the porch.
The animal was "equally unimpressed with the stick as it was with the beer bottles," said MacDonald.
Giuliani said the officer also tried to coax the goat with broccoli and carrots.
"But the goat was having no piece of that," MacDonald said.
The "hostage situation" came to a head after the senior officer, who got tired of the shenanigans, walked straight up to the smelly creature, grabbed it by its collar, dragged it back to the neighbour's property and retied it to a fence post.
No injuries were sustained by the woman, her dogs or either cop, said Mac-Donald, except the senior officer "might have hurt himself laughing."



  1. That is too funny! Thanks for sharing Terry.

  2. That's funny! I've been known to tackle our buck if he won't behave, but I'd never had one hold me hostage inside the house or barn. LOL