Friday, September 23, 2011

Experts now say don't use injectable Cydectin

     There is some confusion regarding the proper use of Cydectin (moxidectin) in goats. This is because originally the cattle pour-on was used orally, and
then the injectable route was recommended by the Southern Consortium for
Small Ruminant Parasite Control (SCSRPC) because of better bioavailability.
     However, FARAD, the government organization that helps us to avoid drug
residues when we use drugs in an off-the-label manner, recommended a 120-day
withdrawal, which makes use of injectable Cydectin impractical because of
such long withdrawal. Therefore the recommendation of the SCSRPC was
changed back to oral.
     FARAD requires the use of the oral Cydectin sheep drench since it is the only available form of Cydectin formulated for oral use. It should be administered at 1.5 times the sheep dose, which results in a dose of 14 ml for a 100 lb goat. The correct withdrawal time is 23 days.
     So, no injections, no injectable given orally or pour-on given orally. Use
the sheep oral formulation at 14 ml/100 lbs body weight and use at least
a 23-day withdrawal time (don't send animals to market until 23 days have
passed since giving the Cydectin).
     This information is provided to help the industry avoid drug residues in meat. As always, every year verify if the dewormer is working in your herd by taking a fecal sample from several animals when you deworm (take to vet to see how many eggs in sample, you could have none) and take several samples from the same animals 7-14 days after deworming and have your vet check it. It should be free or nearly
free of worm eggs. If not, you need to look for another dewormer and check
it out in the same way.

Steve Hart
Goat Extension Specialist
Langston, Oklahoma

Phone 405-466-6138 

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