Saturday, September 3, 2011

First day of Labor Day sales

The Labor Day Sales kicked off in San Angelo, Texas, Saturday with the N&K Ranches annual sale. This year all the ranchers got together and decided to have all their sales under one roof at the San Angelo Fairgrounds. Two sales Saturday, two Sunday and one on Monday are planned. 

The Paul Payne, Lary Duncan, Cooper Sweeney sale rounded out Saturdays sales. Again, doe prices seemed lower than they should be but Duncan's (Able Acres') bucks put spark into the sale. One of his April 2011 bucks out of Full Proof brought $4,500 to top the sale.

Norman Kohls of N&K Ranches narrates at the first sale
of the holiday weekend. There were no bucks in this sale.
The top seller brought $2,700 while many nice does went
for $400-$600.
Viewers had a large variety of Boers to look at from the various
breeders participating in the sales.
In addition to the crowds at the sales, there was a large
number of viewers on the Internet as well.

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