Thursday, March 1, 2012

April Goat Rancher to feature show wethers

We need your input!

Goat Rancher will take a look at the spring round of sales for youth market projects. We’ll let you know who’s having sales, what genetics are popular this year and maybe even make a few predictions for the upcoming jackpot season.

If you raise show wethers, sponsor jackpot shows or know of some outstanding junior showmen, we want to hear about it.


We’re also using the April Goat Rancher to launch our new Wether breeder DIRECTORY. For a 5-line text listing, the price will be only $100 for 12 issues. Boxed directory listings will be available for only $160 for 12 issues.

Since this is a new feature of Goat Rancher, we are offering an introductory discount to anyone booking their listing by Friday, MARCH 9.  Purchase a 5-line text listing for only $75 for 12 issues or a boxed listing for only $125 for 12 issues. To get this discount, contact us by 4 p.m. on March 9.

Your text listing should contain this information:

City & State
Phone/Cell Phone

To submit photos and articles or to reserve your ad space in this introductory SPECIAL WETHER ISSUE, call 888-562-9529 or e-mail

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