Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicken ownership could double in year, TSC survey says

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – A recent consumer study by Tractor Supply Company validates the many headlines across the country about the growing interest in chicken ownership. The study, conducted as a result of a partnership with American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC), confirmed that while only three percent of U.S. households currently own chickens, the level of interest in chicken ownership indicated among non-owners could potentially double ownership levels in the next 12 months.

"The survey simply confirms the national trends we are already seeing in the marketplace. We receive more and more feedback from stores about the influx of customers interested in starting their own flocks," said John Wendler, SVP of Marketing for Tractor Supply Co. "The business from these new chicken owners has led us to identify and fill an increasing need for greater education. Tractor Supply wants chicken owners to be successful. We focus a lot of our resources on providing information and education to help them get started correctly and maintain their health and productivity."
Tractor Supply partnered with ALBC to help raise awareness not only to the benefits of raising chickens but also to bring attention to the different poultry breeds for every interest. The Heritage breeds, for example, are excellent foragers and egg layers, and they make a great choice for hobbyists and small farmers.
"There are a variety of Heritage chicken breeds that have declined in popularity and are in need of conservation," said Alison Martin, Research and Technical Program Director at ALBC. "We hope that the growing interest in chicken ownership will bring new attention to these breeds and help return them to small farms and backyards everywhere."
For those taking the plunge into chicken ownership for the first time or for the seasoned flock owner, Tractor Supply is the resource for seasoned advice and every possible poultry need for providing the best care for chickens in urban, suburban and rural settings alike. Beginning in March and running through April 22, Chick Days returns to Tractor Supply and customers can purchase a wide variety of baby chicks and the supplies and equipment needed to properly care for them.
With multiple breeds offered in-store, different breeds rotating in throughout the Chick Days event, and more than 40 additional breeds available via special order, making the initial leap into the backyard chicken movement can appear a little confusing on the surface. The seasoned professionals at Tractor Supply help customers select chicks and provide the best care for them. Information regarding food/water, bedding, heat, and floor space is all available from the helpful team members at Tractor Supply as well as online.
In a clean, well constructed coop that keeps them productive and safe from predators, a flock of 15 hens will produce about a dozen eggs per day during their peak. But the benefits don't stop there. Not only will your chickens provide fresh eggs, but they will also provide fresh fertilizer, fresh material for composting, and insect control. Also, pastured eggs are more nutritious and many claim taste better than ones you buy in a supermarket.

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