Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jennifer Aniston admits strange love for milk goat

Jennifer Aniston has admitted that while on the set of ‘Wanderlust’ she fell in love with milking goats.
It might not be the obvious Hollywood past time, but the 43 year-old actress certainly enjoyed playing at being a milkmaid in her new movie. The star revealed on Daybreak this morning: “I fell in love with our goat!''
The Friends star went on to confess that being able to milk a goat was more important to the role than it seems and that she even had to meet the animal in a screen test to make sure she could do the role.
The gorgeous star said: “When we were doing our screen test, I met that goat because I had never milked a goat in my life.”
“I've never milked a goat, I grew up in New York City.” She added.
Jen was clearly popular on-set. As well as making friends with  four-legged creatures she also bagged herself a boyfriend in the shape of co-star Justin Theroux.
Though she enjoyed getting her hands dirty on set Jen isn’t about to go and join a commune like her character in the film.
She revealed: “Getting away is always something I love to do, of course.”
"But the commune I think is a little extreme."

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